Surviving the C-Suite

Recently, I coached an MD for a leadership assessment with the amazing organizational psychologist, Renee Bellamy Booth, who co-wrote with Keith Wyche a guide to executive life. The MD was successful and is now enjoying his influential post. For those at the top, here’s Booth and Wyche’s advice:

Reality 1:  What made you successful then, won’t now.
Reality 2:  You don’t know everything.
Reality 3:  Criticism will be more intense.
Reality 4:  You’re not alone, but sometimes you will feel like you are.
Reality 5:  The perception gap widens. You have to see yourself how others see you now.
Reality 6:  Your values will be put to the test.
Reality 7:  Embrace constructive conflict.
Reality 8:  In this role, reputation is everything. As leader, you are always on the clock, always on display and being judged.
Reality 9: The company can’t love you back. You need an authentic life.
Reality 10: Your time is limited, know when and how to leave the role.

Their book is called ‘Corner Office Rules: The 10 Realities of Executive Life’. Booth and Wyche’s work has been a useful reference point (among others) in adapting my c-level competence framework for coaching senior executives and directors who aspire to CEO, CIO, COO, CFO or similar roles.


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