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Arduous learning is often not an option for the time-starved. We need help on-the-go. Honest coaching gives you responsive and objective support, even workplace-based if necessary. We work in-company or privately in central London venues, one-to-one or training in small groups. We deliver flexibly to your demands.

Communication lifeblood

Some say money is the bottom line. Others say human resources are the real bricks and mortar of any enterprise. But perhaps we should consider that communication is the lifeblood of any organisation. Communication is what matters. Studies have shown that eloquence is strongly correlated with success.

Eloquence, influence and power

Research reveals that leaders and executives score higher on lexical tests than their subordinates. Studies into supervisory personnel in 39 companies by Johnson O’Connor found a link between lexical ability and status on the corporate hierarchy. He showed that presidents and VPs averaged 87%, managers 62%, foremen 41%, and floor bosses 32% in such tests. Similar research has shown the same correlation between lexis and salary.

Your success depends on your expression. The greatest achievers typically have a readiness to stand and speak, using richer lexis. Not just able or good, they are simply better. And the truth is that others judge you by the way you communicate. Whether right or not, it’s a plain fact: when you open your mouth you indirectly reflect your education, intelligence and even power in society. Richer and crystal-clear language leaves a great impression.

Empowerment and performance indicators

Great companies know this. An enlightened firm is one whose success is tightly aligned with its executives’ success, often measurable in their very KPIs. So communicative competence is a valuable resource, for any organisation. Communication is an organisation’s lifeblood.

Tony Corballis has designed and delivered bespoke training for organisations like the Walt Disney Company, ESPN, Arax Properties, Risk Advisory Group, the Mongolian Foreign Office, Balfour Beatty Capital, AMP Capital Investors, City CV Ltd. and KL Communications, and a great many one-off seminars for other organisations.

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