Beat performance anxiety: deliver powerfully and strategically 

History shows that chance favours the bold. The ability to articulate sharply and confidently puts you ahead; compromising will not.  Take a step towards beating any performance anxiety and developing your public voice.

Many presentation trainers are simply loud extroverts, often former actors without requisite linguistic or phonological expertise, nor any understanding of the minefields of learner psychology. I have the specific technical expertise, 30 years of relevant experience, and have also been intimately familiar with what you are going through. So I give you real insight, along with practical but evidence-based tools that work.

Cognitive-behavioural approaches are the foundation to relieving communication performance anxiety (reducing persistent nerves, stage-fright, panic or blocks).  Anyone can develop skills in impromptu delivery, and learn to manage complex thoughts live. You can be an unburdened and authentic speaker.

Influencing peers, clients, stakeholders 

Influence is about tactically handling the voice of resistance. It’s about giving voice to consensus and leveraging champions. It’s about asserting alliance with your organisation’s power barons or being 'underwritten' by global best practice or business literature. It’s about understanding the power of language (as NLP practitioners routinely adopt). It’s about logic used at the right time, in the right way, and targeted. It's psychological - about genuinely active listening, managing egos or encouraging the act of visualising. And it is all grounded in listening. You can develop your ability to gain the buy-in you need from  time-starved senior teams.

Scripting vs complex, pressured improvisation

Scaling up or down on detail (without a script) is a technique (among others) to train the brain in managing complex information ad-hoc. There are times however when a crafted script is just what you need. It needs time and care. Standing and delivering comes with a great array of issues that are as unique as you are. Language enriching and speech writing or copyediting for rhetorical tricks can win you the wow factor you were looking for.

Tony Corballis has helped thousands to speak out.

Coaching methods, quality and ethics

Career transition

Leadership transition

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I am a specialist in communication performance training for career or leadership transition. I help alleviate performance anxiety in speech. I help the cautious to strategize and prepare for new leadership roles. I support career transition, through career coaching, or training for self-promotion and job search, recruitment, job promotions and interviews. I help write and rehearse presentations and work on voice improvement. My three decades of relevant experience spans training and coaching professionals and executives, developing learning programmes, CPD programmes for educators and conference interpreters, linguistic and rhetorical analysis in speech writing and delivery including training teams of foreign office diplomats,  academic development training, teacher training and e-learning design and implementation. Learn more.