The proactive, one step ahead

Today‚Äôs global climate, gig economies and labour market fluidity have made job-seeking more cut-throat than ever. The messages you need to craft are strategic and rhetorical. They need to be assertive and targeted. Your approach to this journey is crucial. 

What they want from you

Bespoke coaching to you and your target JD will unpack the exact qualities, information and drivers that interviewers are looking to box-tick.

Tony Corballis has coached over a thousand individuals into securing roles in finance, banking, law, tech, project management, HR, marketing, creative and more. He is immersed in good-practice sharing with leading recruiters and career consultants, and analysed deeply thousands of job descriptions. He knows how hiring decisions are made.on 

Leverage your subconscious

Together, we unravel exactly what to expect. We workshop to mould these into optimal responses to all lines of questioning.  You are trained, harnessing techniques from CBT, to tap into your subconscious in the right way at the right time, avoiding mental clutter, to efficiently locate the indicators that demonstrate an exact competence (rather than the cut-out prototypes a textbook coach or website blog will offer you). 

It is much more than just regurgitating over-prepared narratives. Nor is it about circumnavigating to fill gaps while trying not to drift off purpose. It is deeply tactical and about your ability to perform live.

Take the interviewer by the hand 

It is also about coaxing the interviewer into visualising you already performing the role or delivering on targets. You are building trust.

Your coach has secrets for converting anyone from cocky to timid grads, from dead-wood mid-lifers to high-calibre executives, into strongly credible and persuasive speakers. But there are no silver bullets. You cannot develop competence by reading a book. Learning to interview optimally occurs through guided practice and guided reflection. 

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Brexit has not been welcomed by many people in the City of London. We are gravely concerned about shrinkage and restructures, relocations, job security, and the arduous labour market. Many of your peers are suffering as collateral damage of such drastic change. The competition will be ever more fierce. 

Brexitproofing and employability

At Corballis Communication, we have adapted a coaching programme to specifically Brexit-proof your employability.

Brexit-proofing encompasses a gamut of competence building and personal branding development to help you survive Brexit. Tony Corballis undertakes situational analysis and guides you in exploring the market, before working on how you appear as both an social media presence and in-person, along with recruitment support training, from building a recruiter or headhunter strategy along with speculative approaches, preparing for interview questions, understanding what industry is looking for and how they assess you, and what need to produce. All the while, building your confidence and how you project.

Change-averse or change-embracing?

As with any cataclysmic change, it is better to be prepared. Competitive advantage is being Brexit-proof for the future. 

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Over 17 years, Tony Corballis has coached thousands of professionals, corporate managers and executives to generate interviews and bring them up to speed in getting the roles they want.

He has unblocked and enriched communication performance in leaders, the accomplished and the aspiring.

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