Leadership transition

Just promoted | relocated | new role | team building, engaging or addressing new stakeholders | breaking silos | understanding and turning culture to your advantage | developing your personal brand | communicating goals | influencing

It can be seismic, yet there’s no choice but the brave face. Coaching can help you after a promotion, an international assignment, or a lateral move.

Managing expectations, developing platform

The people you encounter will have their first impressions. And expectations. Expectations are powerful and need to be managed. You need to seek out and select relationships. You need to nurture them, networks form and your strategic platform takes shape. And situational analysis is paramount for key events to be exploited in this way.

Executive presence, personal brand

Motivating staff and achieving synergies through goal-setting is an art. To initiate change and communicate persuasively, you might use symbolism and invent corporate ritual. In doing so, you develop at best a personal brand, and at least executive presence.

You already have unique knowledge and commercial exposure. Explore your individual style that feeds into your presence. Deconstruct gravitas. Play a role and reconstruct. See yourself rising head and shoulders above others.

It’s time to spotlight your gifts: your energy, your way of thinking. Once you take ownership of this subtle mosaic, your personal brand emerges. You can sculpt it. You emblazon on clients’ radar screens, with the cred you deserve.

We do a thorough audit into your narratives, the commercial brands you can leverage off, the unique combos of experience you have, plus any particularly memorable tit-bits from your life.

To extend this, we tap into your impetus, your personal mission and your true conviction for it, your drive for performance, and the fire that sets you alight. It’s catalyst for conviction, power and confidence. It translates into something potent that inspires and energises: your vision. This vision will infiltrate and project in your speech: using ‘ethos’, ‘pathos’ and ‘logos’. You will command attention as you touch your audiences on many levels at once.

Convincing. Powerful. The impact is astonishing.

Leadership assessment

Based on all seminal leadership ideas spanning a century, and leadership processes like Harvard Business School’s seven stages, Tony Corballis can coach you on developing strong narratives to demonstrate your leadership. And they work.

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Grounded but deft

Your confidence and impact can be optimised, simply using basic linguistics and voice development. Avoid fire-fighting. Learn to communicate complexity like a pro.

Organisational cross-culture

Cross-cultural issues can turn to your advantage, as you begin to unpack others’ ‘scripts’. Frameworks can be applied to make you ask and understand what’s below the tip of the iceberg. The way things are done.

Our coaching track record

Tony Corballis has provided coaching and training programmes to executives in Santander Bank, the Walt Disney Company, Balfour Beatty Capital, Amazon France, ESPN, AMP Capital Investors, Deloitte, IBM, and has delivered independent coaching to individuals in (among hundreds of other companies) Barclays, BNP Paribas, Jones Lang LaSalle, Wolff Olins, Toshiba, the British Armed Forces, the NHS, Westminster City Council and Whitehall, along with many self-employed publicists, numerous lecturers, doctors and scientists, NGO spokespersons, Asian presidential and Gulf royal family members in four countries, and diplomats in the Mongolian Foreign Office. Just to name a few.

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