Leadership transition

Facing a promotion, an international relocation, or a new role outside of your comfort zone | building new teams, engaging new stakeholders, breaking silos and leveraging culture to your advantage | developing your personal brand for new audiences, real or virtual | communicating goals and influencing new stakeholders and teams. 

Leadership transition can always use some planning and support.

Managing expectations, developing platform

The people you encounter will have always their first impressions. And expectations. These are powerful and need to be managed. You need to seek out and select relationships. You need to nurture them, and as networks form, your strategic platform takes shape. Detached reflective situational analysis is paramount for key events to be exploited in this way. 

Executive presence, personal brand

Motivating staff and achieving synergies through goal-setting is an art. To initiate change and communicate persuasively, you might use symbols or come up with rituals. In doing so, you develop at best a strong personal brand, and at least some executive presence.

You already have unique knowledge and commercial insight. Your individual style can be unpacked to clarify your presence as it stands. Deconstruct gravitas. Play a role and reconstruct this. See yourself rising head and shoulders above the confused and the mediocre out there.

It is time to spotlight your gifts: your energy, your way of thinking. Once you take proper ownership of this subtle mosaic, your personal brand emerges. You can sculpt it, emblazon it on clients’ and stakeholders' radar screens, with the cred you need for the path you want to tread.

Unique stories and convictions 

We do a thorough audit into your narratives and the symbolism within these stories, the commercial brands you can leverage off, the unique combos of experience you have, plus any particularly memorable tit-bits from your personal life or your developmental trajectory.

We tap into what drives you, your personal mission and your true conviction for it, your focus on performance, and the fire that sets you alight. It is a catalyst for conviction, power and confidence. It translates into something potent that inspires and energises: your vision.

This vision will infiltrate and project in your speech through ‘ethos’, ‘pathos’ and ‘logos’. You will command attention as you touch your audiences on many levels at once. Convincing. Powerful. 

Leadership assessment

Based on seminal leadership ideas spanning a century, and leadership processes like Harvard Business School’s seven stages, I can coach you on developing strong narratives to demonstrate your leadership style and your flexibility as a truly situational leader. And they have been proven to work.

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Your confidence and impact can be optimised, simply using basic linguistics and voice development. Avoid fire-fighting. Get rid of anxiety or tension through exploiting CBT principles in understanding and responding to what you most internal beliefs throw up.  Learn to communicate complexity off-script, like a pro.

What's below the iceberg tip

Diversity and cross-cultural perspectives can be used to your advantage, as you begin to unpack and pinpoint the self-identifying ‘scripts’ of others. Easy frameworks can be applied to help you see what is going on below the tip of the iceberg: How and who people identify with, how they diversely see time, privilege, power, rules and control. Understanding models like Margerison McCann, along with the principles of neurodiversity providing fundamental evolutionary advantage in teams, sheds light on the potential for benefit to you, as you unravel and embrace diversity and culture.

Coaching track record

I have delivered coaching and training programmes to executives in Santander Bank, the Walt Disney Company, Balfour Beatty Capital, Amazon France, ESPN, AMP Capital Investors, Deloitte, IBM, and has delivered independent coaching to individuals in (among hundreds of other companies) Barclays, BNP Paribas, Jones Lang LaSalle, Wolff Olins, Toshiba, the British Armed Forces, the NHS, Westminster City Council and Whitehall, along with many self-employed publicists, numerous lecturers, doctors and scientists, NGO spokespersons, Asian presidential and Gulf royal family members in four countries, and diplomats in the Mongolian Foreign Office. Just to name a few.

I am a specialist in alleviating performance anxiety in speech, helping the nervous and foggy get through leadership transition, career transition such as self-promotion and job search, recruitment, job promotions and interview hoops, as well as presentations and voice improvement. I have decades of relevant experience, including training and coaching, conference interpreter professional development, linguistic and rhetorical analysis in speech writing and delivery (including training teams of foreign office diplomats), organisational and cultural training, book authoring, commissioned writing and editing, training and curriculum development, academic development training in higher education, teacher training and e-learning design and implementation.

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