Problems solved: satisfied Corballis Communication clients

Thousands of individuals coached and trained over decades, mostly for specific goals such as recruitment, promotion, leadership transition or stepping up their presenting, in companies such as EY, IBM, Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Jones Lang LaSalle, Wolff Olins, Toshiba and Whitehall, but also in tailored programmes delivered in Santander Bank, Walt Disney Company, Balfour Beatty Capital, Amazon France, ESPN, AMP Capital Investors, Nardello & Co., Risk Advisory, and Deloitte. Their selected quotes below.

Averting dead-wood for the old, a leg-up into the City for the young

Many middle-aged or older executives from the public sector, large bureaucratic insurance companies, various City Councils, the NHS and the British Armed Forces, have successfully re-packaged themselves to re-launch their careers in more dynamic corporate settings. Similarly, many younger individuals securing jobs in most of the heavyweight banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Barclays Capital and others, and into the Big Four firms, mainly Deloitte and EY, as well as many young lawyers securing jobs in magic circle firms like Clifford Chance. Their selected quotes below.

The accomplished and the aspiring

Countless people of calibre: lecturers, doctors and scientists, publicists, NGO spokespersons, Asian presidential and Gulf royal family members, and Mongolian Foreign Office diplomats, just to name a few. Helped medical scientists in UCLH and Imperial receive millions in funding for research. Countless students getting entry into high-profile universities like LSE, Oxford and Cambridge. Writing countless speeches, and ghost-written magazine articles for PR executives. Edited and copyedited countless published academic articles for accomplished thinkers. 

 “Tony does unique work and the effort he spent as a career coach on communication analysis opened my eyes – quite specific things to address. Definitely recommended!” Stuart Gordon, Business Development Executive

"I attended your Smashing Through Performance Anxiety training last month. I feel compelled to write to you to sincerely thank you. You changed my life within that one hour! I have been a nervous and anxious presenter since I have been doing presentations for my work (the past 5 years) and it was really starting to limit me. I hated it, dreaded it for months, used coping mechanisms throughout ... You have completely reframed my thinking. I had a presentation to 50 people last Monday and was not nervous as it came up nor was it popping in to my mind making me feel anxious on a daily basis. Instead I was (almost!) excited and eager for the challenge. I have since received emails thanking me for my passionate and inspiring talk! Anyway I just wanted to thank you for transforming my way of thinking, my confidence, and enabling me to remove the limitations I had put on myself." Lauren, Clinical Trial Manager

I couldn’t talk to audiences at all. You gave me the confidence to speak to lecture halls with hundreds of professionals and to live TV cameras.” Diana Wilson, OCD-UK

"I reached out to Tony when I was contemplating a career move - the advice and assistance he gave me was invaluable. Having been in the Executive Search space myself, I was very impressed with the transition coaching and communication impact coaching he gave me. Tony’s input was compelling both strategically and tactically to my plans and I highly recommend anyone to consult Tony if contemplating or undertaking a career move."  David Ehrenstrom, CEO at IMA

“I’ve just been offered a place at Oxford. Thanks for your time and help. The two hours training were essential for the interviews!” István, doctoral researcher (neuroscience)

“My manager loved it … very impactful and powerful.” Marcela Robins, Melbourne

“Reviewing the influencing work, I’ve started to see things coming my way more… Our day has already proven itself in value… Thank you!” Todd King, Marketing Manager, AMP Capital Shopping Centres

“That has to be the best speech I ever made.” Paul Gillespie, Corporate Responsibility and Marketing strategist

Take the first step.

“Clifford Chance gave me a Training Contract offer yesterday! … very happy to have secured a training placement with so many prospects. I could have never done it without your support and clear methodology. It gave me so much confidence and a solid strategy.” Anna, Cambridge Law Graduate

“Thank you again for taking the time to train me up on your methodology. You were patient, adaptive to my needs and questions – a true pro!” Natalie Wilkins, HR Consultant, Coach & Facilitator

“… so impressed by your powerful and wonderful analogies.” Yan, Postgraduate

“You’d think with a Portsmouth MBA I wouldn’t have a problem building business relationships. Tony took communication skills training beyond language into a cross-cultural framework to look at my behaviour and voice, as part of it.”  Catherine Yu, Sweet China Plc.

“… I received a call from the competitor’s Director just this morning to offer me the job! This is a great opportunity to move into management. So thank you very much. I would not be in this situation without your help.” Caroline Larens, IT professional

“He works tirelessly into the evening and weekends to create a truly unique experience for clients.” Victoria, CEO of City CV Ltd. (recruitment sector training partner), London

What is your case?

“Tony’s tactical and targeted self-promotion coaching that I’ve been using for many years helped me get me get ahead in Telecom NZ and Ooredoo in Qatar – he’s amazing.” Hamish Goulter, Senior Strategic Marketer and Regulatory Expert in Telecoms

“Thank you! I feel I have learnt so much – it has really helped me. I have passed your name on to loads of people at Disney.”  Juliette Dixon, Disney Consumer Products

“After years working for the same company, I was unsure how to present myself to market, but Tony guided me through recruitment, so at all interviews I had a clear strategy… and now I’ve got a great new job.” Doug Waller, International Sports Marketing, Dubai

“Tony designed all our original training courses … they have passed the test of time in still being relevant and useful six years later … and with all the fundamentals of good learning and development.” Associate Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

“I accepted their offer this morning and start at the beginning of February. I’m very excited – it’s leading a project based team in the Market Risk area. Thanks very much for your coaching assistance. It made all the difference. Oh yeah, I also get a 60% pay-rise!” Larry Cohen, IT professional

“… Tony is even more fantastic than you suggested. Really!” Director at ICI Global

“… very pleased with the results… made a difference in my style and in rebuilding my confidence after changing my business cultural context.” Pedro Arevalo, Financial Services Strategist

“My first management position in BNP Paribas didn’t come without a fair dose of unease… You got me thinking more acutely and more strategically about what I was involved in, who I was involved with, and how I am involved. It’s really given me great confidence.” Lou Michel, Global Head of Client Information, Fixed Income Sales & Marketing, BNP Paribas

“Thank you! I’ve learnt so much … has really helped me …  passed your name on to loads of people at Disney.”  Juliette Dixon, Disney Consumer Products

My impact in the marketplace.

“After years working for the same company, I was unsure how to present myself to market, but Tony guidance was instrumental to a smooth transition.” Doug Waller, International Sports Marketing, Dubai

“You made me think about the impact I have in the marketplace, which is particularly relevant for me right now.” Dr Matthew Williams, Associate Dean, Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce

"Tony, you were fantastic! Very clear and some great advice, in the follow-up survey most viewers rated the webinar 9/10 and some 10/10!" Sales and Events Coordinator, City CV Ltd. of the Hanover Group

“Tony was great at analysing my needs… really enjoyed it … very clever and open-minded … highly interesting and helping me improve my awareness of cultural and linguistic differences.”  Gwenaelle Boissel, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

“I am lucky I got your coaching support, especially how you are flexible and always ready to help.” Dr Mohammed Fazaa, Pharmacist

“It was very useful our reflection around objectives, leadership style and change last week. Many thanks.” Strategy Manager in IT, Santander Bank

“Thanks for your terrific support in achieving my professional and personal goals.” Roser Tarrias, Leisure Centre Manager

“I have learned a lot from this training course and I totally recommend it …” Roland Coudair, Banker

“She’s made real progress and passed her probation. You’ll be hearing from us shortly regarding more work.” Martin, Risk Advisory Ltd.

Paying dividends for the rest of my career!

“I’ve recommended you as a colleague has just joined Deloitte. I definitely will also resort to you in the future as a sounding audience.” Pedro, Financial Services Strategist

“… tactical language use, communication development skills, motivation and understanding and he raised awareness to a wide range of effective techniques such as chunking, creating an identity to aid cultural transitions in learning, and using real-life, realistically time-managed opportunities for learning.” Alexandra Pitt, Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University

“Your advice will continue to pay dividends for the rest of my career.” Paul Masterton, Financial Consultant

“Our relationship with Tony has been a total win-win … I’m so grateful for his patience and flexibility but mainly for his learning and development insights.” Associate Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

“The coaching provided me with a clever method of structuring each category whereas I had previously just muddled through interviews … and further advice about polishing my performance.”  Alan Hughes

“I was successful in my application and will assume the role … Thanks very much for your help in coaching me for the interviews, this was invaluable and gave me the guidance I needed to approach the process with confidence.”  Hamish, insurance company C-level executive

“Thanks so much for your expertise, examples and tips, in yesterday’s research students and fellows employability training – the feedback was really enthusiastic!” Tanja Tolar, Senior Teaching Fellow

Patient and adaptive to my needs

“I have been offered a place in Ernst and Young … I can’t wait to start. … while challenging, I felt confident and they said it showed. Thank you for all the help, it was invaluable.” John, Accounting Graduate

“I got the Lloyds offer to join their financial market team on the returner programme. Thanks Tony for the interview work – I ended up having 7 interviews with 3 departments and 2 other companies! I totally recommend you!” Anna, Return to Work Programme, Lloyds Commercial Banking

“Thanks Tony, I am so relaxed now and ready to face this thing.” Jenni Burdon, Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

“He works tirelessly into the evening and weekends to create a truly unique experience for clients.” Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

"Tony has been amazing to help me gain confidence in interviews and show me what my real skills were and how to express it properly. Thanks to him, I was able to redefine my career." Caroline Laurens, Customer Success Manager at BlueJeans

“I had no idea I could actually address a conference in English!” Dr Adela Torbado, Anaesthetist

“Got the job AND a £3K pay-rise. Well worth the £150!” Cathy, Public Sector Accountant

Insights into the recruiters' angle

“Tony showed me how to demonstrate my strengths in a format employers recognise. He helped in every aspect of the process, from the way to behave, to having solid answers to questions I was likely to be asked (and they really did come up!)”  Graduate recruited in major British property firm

“Tony I appreciate all the help and support you gave me.”  Sally, Business Development Manager

“Tony continues to surprise me with the quality, extent and depth of his understanding – he has an encyclopaedic knowledge and a gift for quickly identifying how he can make a difference.” Associate Training Partner, London

“The interview went well and I was able to answer all the questions… Many thanks for your help.”  Alicia, finance graduate

“Many thanks. I really enjoyed the session and got a lot out of it. Thanks also for the feedback. I shall try and practise until it becomes second nature.”  Mauricio, insurance company Marketing Director

“Thanks for your time and support … focused and refreshing … plenty of takeaways … Thanks for the tricks and the insights into the recruiters angle.” Former Director of Finance, Tommy Hilfiger (PVH)

“Without your support, I know the agency would never have bothered taking me… Thanks, you star!”  Susan Miller, Legal Project Manager, Qatar

“Approaching each client with a fresh mind, Tony uses intuitive strategies to develop them, empowering them to make the necessary impact. I personally have learnt a lot through my partnership with Tony and I hope it continues for many more years.” Victoria McLean, Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

“Thank you for all your help… It was very useful to develop my approach to the competency questions in such a structured way, and for recognising the opportunity each time. I will refer you to my friends.”  Henry, jobseeker

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“Thank you again for taking the time to train me up on the methodology. You were patient, adaptive to my needs and questions – a true pro!”  Natalie Wilkins, HR Consultant and Career & Leadership Coach & Facilitator

“Tony has wide-ranging experience and a refreshing approach, which is effective at all levels and backgrounds with our clients.”  CEO, City CV Ltd., London

"Tony provided me with excellent guidance through a key transitional phase in my career. After years working in the same organization, I knew I needed to reach the next level in my career progression but was uncertain how to present myself to potential employers. Even though I was living in the Middle East and we could only communicate via Skype, Tony helped me develop and execute a clear communication strategy throughout the interview process helping me to secure a fantastic new role which greatly advanced my career. I would recommend working with Tony to anyone who is faced with a similar challenge in your professional development." Doug Waller, Business Development in IPR

“Thank you for your constructive advice/feedback. I found the session to be extremely useful. I also really appreciate your positivity and encouragement, so thank you again!” Mary, graduate analyst

“… a significant difference to both my performance and confidence … you helped design a strategy to target the specific requirements of the job … the help of an expert like yourself can make all the difference.” Paul Masterton, Financial Consultant

“That was the best money I’ve ever spent!”  Pablo, Digital Media Legal Expert

​Accompanied me through my journey.

“Although not successful with the first role, I have had great success since then and last week ended up with not one but two job offers! I am very excited.” Sian Stephenson

“… I received a call from the Director just this morning to offer me the job! This is a great opportunity to move into management. I would not be in this situation without your help.” Mathilde Munoz, IT professional

"Tony's guidance as a speech and presentation coach were transformative for me. He helped me to clearly understand my motivations and to identify and overcome my inhibitions when public speaking. At the start he told me that his objective was to make his job redundant as quickly as possible, and he did indeed identify and help overcome the blockages I had been experiencing with impressive speed and insight. I have already recommended Tony to several colleagues, and would unreservedly recommend anyone seeking to improve their presentation and communication skills to seek his services." John Truelove, PRS for Music

“Well, I am now a broker in the energy department! Yet again thank you for all your help, this really is an absolute dream job for me, and I’ll recommending you to anybody I know in the position I was in not too long ago!” Jason, Broker

“I got an offer .. at RBS! Wanted to thank you for your help, practice, ideas and tips you gave me. The interviewer said I aced it… I imagined the whole interview was like answering you.” Zaca, Graduate

“…a success – I have made it to MD, it was communicated yesterday. Thank you SO much for your support and advice!”  Jean, MD in Investment Banking

“This week I had my first presentation at Accenture. What you taught me was such a useful experience.” Yordanka Velichkova, Consultant, Accenture

“Once again I would like to thank you for your help in preparing my presentation… the panel made very positive comments on the presentation.” Marta Gabrych, Lecturer and Interpreter

“I’ve really benefited from your training… My colleagues commented on my significant contribution, making the right points in the right way at the right time … your coaching has really helped me to be more confident to speak in public. A big thanks to you!” Senior Lecturer in Finance, Middlesex University

Carved out a smoother transition.

“The audience was huge but the talk went really well. I felt much more natural and it just spilled out. I came out from behind the desk with nothing between me and the crowd. I so love speaking now!” Diana Wilson, OCD-UK spokesperson

“… very useful … highly relevant and tackled issues in a sensitive way with long-term learning independence firmly in mind.” Alexandra Pitt, Senior Lecturer Middlesex University

"Tony is a an excellent executive coach, he is able to carve out a smoother transition path into a new corporate, language and cultural environment, not only to those making a cross-border journey but also to those evolving into new leadership roles. Very engaging and committed to facilitating achieving your goals. Would highly recommend him." Pedro Arevalo, financial IT consultant

“… I want to express my appreciation… very helpful … My nerves and public speaking were connected in a way difficult to understand. But you took my understanding and mastering of these nerves several steps forward.” Mulenga Kaunda, post-graduate

“I never realised expanding my communication skills could be so much fun!” Florence Lecuyer, Marketing Manager,

“Tony’s knowledge of linguistics, training and assessment was amazing… intelligent, hard-working and dedicated … always there to listen to our difficulties, and help us find solutions; we all liked him also because he was friendly and handsome and originally from NZ!” Katie Poon, British Police Officer

“What impressed me is the style and the compassion you have … very patient to accompany me through the journey… Overall your professionalism and commitment made the whole learning process enjoyable and effective.” Marketing Lecturer, Middlesex University

“I can’t imagine how anyone discovering public speaking could move forward without your kind of coaching.” Diana Wilson, Charity Spokesperson for OCD-UK

"I initially worked with Tony in my final year at University when I reached out to him when taking my first steps towards a new career. Tony's help and advise during this most daunting process has been invaluable. He was instrumental in helping me to recognise my skills and potential. I would highly recommend his service as I have been more than pleased." Nicole J. Williams, graduate 

“… clear and encouraging…. made sure the participant was actively involved … careful to consider the participant’s own context and build appropriate activities that would not only engage during the session but also encourage independent learning beyond it.” Alexandra Pitt, Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University.

“I was very impressed with your results. One group in particular was just excellent.” Daniela, Economics Course Convenor, SOAS University of London

"Tony provided me the most helpful coaching support whilst I was transitioning careers. His ability to quickly understand my needs and help me redefine my skill-set for a new career path was exceptional. He is quick, professional and kind. He guided me to effectively re-tell my career-story." Susan Miller, facilitator and trainer, former lawyer

“I really gained strong competence in what I learnt from you.” Tae Sun-Yeom, Gaming Software Entrepreneur

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you … absolutely fantastic. I am sure that I now have the skills and confidence for excelling at any job interview and thus getting my dream job.” Hironobu, Corporate Finance graduate

“Not only was I much better prepared to answer the questions, but my confidence has restored. On the day, every question asked by the interviewer we covered the previous day and I found out two hours later that I got the job!”  Tim, graduate

“It’s been a pleasure the service I got. Tony has been fantastic with me, he really added value to what I was doing and looking for. Many thanks.”  Former Senior Analyst, HSBC

“Tony was amazing… Really helped lots … highlighted where I need to improve. When I get another interview, I’ll have another session beforehand.”   Robert, investment banking jobseeker

Ready to fly!

“I’m absolutely over the moon! After all the trials and tribulations, it finally paid off – it’s an amazing feeling. Thanks so much for your help, your training gave me a boost.”  Brett, successful jobseeker

“… very patient and professional, and especially inspiring! He passed on not only skills, but also his attitude and responsibility.” Meicun Li, Sales Director, BTG-Jiangguo Hotels and Resorts

“I just wanted to let you know that I got the job offer. The coaching you gave was absolutely fantastic. Everyone was impressed with the quality of my answers and my confidence.”  Rehan, IT Project Manager

“I am impressed. The sessions went very well and I learned a lot in a short time. Tony was amazing. Next week I would like to purchase more time with Tony so I can polish my interview skills and be ready to fly. I feel much more confident.” Barry Loucopoulis, Senior IT Consultant

“Over the years, you have been an integral part of what got me from a consultant to an MD.” Dominique, MD

“…there is a great synchronicity in how in recruitment we manage to cross-fertilise and help one another… it’s a win-win… and Tony’s deep pedagogical experience and insight into organisational culture has been great for us.” Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

“I noticed an immediate difference in my interviewing technique after coaching with you and dare I say I even enjoy the interview experience now!” Kathleen Dickson

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