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Water cooler (and other) chats

Communication is the lifeblood of any workplace, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. You’d be hard pushed to find someone looking for more meetings, harder negotiations, or longer group-email threads with more participants.You can be immersed in it virtually all the time if you find yourself in leadership roles where influence is key. Or when […]

Not the Pen or the Sword but the Ear

Listen up … it could be worth your while. The information overload of today means we need quicker attention. Lightening assimilation. Speedy cognitive access, to cope. The ancient skill of proper listening is eroding by the day, not helped by the seismic shift towards popular image- and meme-based communication. This is despite it being among […]

Trustbuilding begins with Trustworthy

Some themes just keep coming up. On the common competencies actively sought in interview, I’ve coached many hundreds of people. One of these is trust-building. Trust-building is such a strong buzzword in an age obsessed with seeing and identifying both internal and external stakeholders as ‘customers’. It seems so important in an age of competitiveness, where […]

Brave Conversations

Brave and unhurried conversations between honest counter-parties have the power to transform. A topic like ‘affirmative action’ has masses of sub-arguments on either side. Or so an eloquent young thinker and author learned as a child, from discussions he had with his intelligent schizophrenic mother, potentially impacting his education. This launched a lifetime dedication to […]

Normal? No Such Thing!

What’s a normal brain? Normal behaviour? Do we over-pathologize? In fact, there is no such thing as ‘normal’. So proclaim Avram Holmes and Lauren Patrick of Yale University psychology department. They’ve discovered something that veteran educators and proper coaches have known for years.  Meanwhile, the world is busy prescribing drugs to kids to slow them down or speed […]

Combine the Senses

Poring over your notes again? It won’t stops the brain blanks.   When it comes to pitches and job interviews, most people think hard about their looks, their hair, their handshakes and their voice. Many people earnestly do their ‘due diligence’ and prepare a dozen narratives that bear witness to the required competencies. Many also sit down […]

Forget Affirmations!

There are always grim decisions to make. The more you’re paid, the more likely you have to face ‘impossible’ constraints or conflict. Some would have you believe that positive thinking is all you need. Just be disciplined and envisage, decontaminate your belief systems, chant affirmations, manifest-manifest-manifest, and voila! Sadly, despite all the gurus’ claims, this is not […]